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Single Stream / Mixed Municipal Solid Waste

Irrespective of the used collection system and the corresponding task, we design systems that grant 100% efficiency.

Various countries have different waste collection systems, resulting in different tasks for the sorting technology. For example, packaging waste mainly consists of plastics, paper and glass. Single-stream waste mainly consists of dry, mixed waste (paper, cardboard, films, plastics, metals, aluminium, and in many cases also glass). Heavy, mixed waste often also contains bulky materials etc.

The integration of REDWAVE sorting machines into a waste treatment plant grants maximum purity of the sorted fractions.

Plastic-Plant Solutions Plant Solution
  • REDWAVE NIR/C (Multi-Sensor) – a combination of NIR Infrared Spectroscopy with colour sensors for material and colour recognition

  • REDWAVE NIR – for material recognition

  • REDWAVE C – for colour recognition

  • REDWAVE XRF – for recognition of chemical composition

  • REDWAVE SAS – Sample Analysing System – for input sample analysing and output quality control